Wild Leaves- each ingredient has an active ingredient

Our care is plant-based, vegan, animal-free, regionally and effectively effective.

Skin care from native plants is the only logical way for us

It cannot be a coincidence that nature produces such a wide range of just the right substances to be effective on the skin and the whole body. When the earth ecosystem produces plants that help to support the healing processes of an organism, we at NKM believe that natural cosmetics correspond to the harmony of things and skin care from native plants is the only logical way!

Tips for Suffering Comrades:Inside

Above all, the effect of
Mareike started making skin care herself in 2015 in response to her own impure skin care. The craft of self-touching and the successes she achieved with it in her own skin quickly thrilled her so much that she learned the product development for natural cosmetics and began to share her knowledge online.

Demand for Mareike’s products increased
Fortunately, numerous enquiries about the developed products quickly came. The idea that customers can mix the ingredients themselves with a recipe at home is in line with the skincare philosophy that Wild Leaves still advocates today: Those who learn to make cosmetics themselves and also understand how their own skin works also understand how to care for them most effectively.

It’s About Continuity

We have already achieved a great deal, but we are far from finished.
We’re working on it right now …

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